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The intersection of Story Telling-Entertainment-Arts-Culture-Technology.


The Afrikan Experience is a platform developed to link and publicize Africa’s rich literary resources, culture, history and traditional values worldwide.


To promote Africa’s literary diversity and connect global audiences to in-depth knowledge about Africa’s creative arts and cultural touristic resources.
To connect people of African descent to their heritage, history and culture.
To share the rich knowledge and African experience with multicultural readers, researchers, potential investors and tourists.

Company Overview

The African continent contains such depth, richness and diversity of knowledge, culture and traditions. It has not been fully explored nor accurately portrayed on the global stage and in mainstream media.
The Afrikan Experience is created by Nancy Banyong, a Canadian immigrant from Cameroon, to celebrate Africa through its literature, music, film, fashion, products and people.  The aim of this initiative is to:

  • Showcase the literary stories of African authors and content producers on a worldwide platform and foster global collaborations.
  • Ignite a passion and unite people of African descent globally as the UN celebrates ‘The International Decade for People of African Descent, 2015–2024’. In addition, ‘The Year of Return’ with Africans in the diaspora travelling to different African countries to learn more about their roots/heritage
  • Enhance and contribute to multiculturalism by facilitating access to African culture, art and creativity globally.
  • Support the United Nation’s Social Development Goals (SDGs) of reducing illiteracy and promoting education /reading especially for youth and women.
  • Highlight current events, history, education, economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, innovation and more from Africa.

Our values

 Entertain: Stories bring families and communities together as the world moves towards a shared humanity.
Educate:  Enhance literacy, creativity, heritage, culture, wisdom and an appreciation of African culture and experience.
Empower: Provide knowledge that improves social skills, behaviour, self-esteem, and Identity.

Products and Services

Please visit us at www.TheAfrikanExperience.com. There are various books about Africa for children and adults to entertain, educate and empower.
Watch out for new African content and goods on the website.
Kindly write reviews about books read, lessons learnt reading with family, classrooms, book clubs, school or by yourself. Click on the picture of a book and scroll down to the review section. This is to help know which books are appreciated and provide more. Thanks
I am available to talk and read at school events, conferences, community/cultural events and TEDx Talks. 

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