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The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born (African Writers Series)

A railway freight clerk in Ghana attempts to hold out against the pressures that impel him toward corruption in both his family and his country.

The Girl In The New Dress

Lulu is a lovely little girl who lives with her granny who can't afford to buy her new clothes. One day Lulu get's laughed at by some friends for wearing old clothes. She comes up with a very brilliant idea to get herself a new dress. A very creative one indeed.

Unwrapping Hanie

Hanie Morrison has either completely lost her mind, or she’s finally taken charge of her love life when she starts a liaison with a man she meets online. Their friendship fast becomes more, and she’s having the best (cyber) sex of her life.When her internet lover decides to travel halfway across the world to see her, she must make a decision of her own—book a one-way ticket back to reality or risk her heart and find love one orgasm at a time.(Buyer beware! The heat starts on page one)